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We are proud to have donated over $50,000 (yes that's right) in donuts, coffee, bagels, and other products and services over the course of 2018. We have already exceeded that number in 2019! We TRULY WANT to say "Yes!" to every donation request -- but we cannot do that. We receive several donation requests every month, and we simply cannot help with them all.

Please make sure your request meets the following guidelines: 

1. We require at least 30 days notice for all donations... No exceptions. Kindly plan ahead so that we have time to do the same.
2. We can only consider donations or discounts for organizations that serve children, families, and those in need....
                  Little league baseball teams? Yes, we will try!           Your new book club? Sorry, no!
3. We do not provide donations or discounts for political or religious purposes. We don't like taking sides... especially when God is involved ;) 

Durango Doughworks

2653 Main Avenue
Durango Colorado 81301


Thanks for thinking of Durango Doughworks for your donation request. We will consider your request and get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 72 hours.

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